Snow-covered Parvati Valley!

Pic courtesy our amazing caretaker Gopal

No better way to start a Sunday than receiving this dreamy photo of a place that you called home for a few days. Snow or no snow, Parvati Woods Camps in Soma Rupa in the Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, is a stunner. 

Approach road to the Camps

Walk in the woods surrounded by pines, take in the beauty of Parvati River right behind the camps, rake in all the pinewoods you can, and come night time, sit by the bonfire with other fella travellers, play the guitar, exchange travel tales, or just listen to the sound of silence!

Our furry friend, Shadow, pensive by the Parvati River

There’s plenty to do in the Parvati Valley! Head to the hippie town Kasol for shopping and quaint cafes – it’s a breathtaking 3 km walk or a short bus ride that costs just INR 5. Also visit the Gurudwara Manikaran, Tosh village and Kheer Ganga trek from there or trek to Malana. 

A longer post to drive home the point how awesome the Parvati Valley is soon! 


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