About Us

While other children would have found constant transfers to a different city (courtesy a parent’s transferable job) disconcerting, to Anita it meant a new adventure each time. Living in new places since she was only so little, and being more than comfortable everywhere she went, has paved a way to perennial travelling for her. Seventeen states in India and five different countries later, Anita is far from done. Travelling is not just about exploring a destination but also self for her. The budget traveller, who has also worked as a consultant Holiday Expert for a reputed online travel company making people’s trips, loves street food and new experiences!

Till a couple of years ago, travelling only meant family trips (read: visiting temples in every city they went) for Dhaval. Who would have thought that a trip planned on a whim with friends would open a whole new wonderful world for her! Since then, the next trip is often planned on the current one. Experimental with food (albeit vegetarian-only!) and always gung-ho about walking, she likes to read,  write, or daydream about travelling when stuck in the city. It’s time to put all the articles written for travel magazines and websites to good use for her!